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Everything You Should Know About Dental Implants

Missing teeth have many consequences. The most common are changes in speech, facial appearance, oral health, and social behaviors. Symptoms begin almost immediately when one or multiple teeth fall out from injury or decay, and include difficulty chewing, bite irregularities, and gaps between the ones that remain. Missing teeth may also cause you to frown more, and at Sitnik Dental, it's the goal of Dr. Igor Sitnik to give you a well-deserved smile. Dental implants are popular among our Salem, OR, patients because they're a permanent replacement for a natural tooth. If you'd like to learn more about them, read on, and schedule a consultation to see if this restorative option is right for you.

Everything You Should Know About Dental Implants

Dental implants are placed during a minor procedure in our Salem, OR, office. The implant itself is made of three components: a titanium screw designed to simulate a natural tooth's root, so it prevents bone absorption; and an abutment that acts as a connector to the crown which sits above the gum line. Dental implants are often used to replace one, multiple, or an entire mouth full of teeth, and can also support a prosthesis called a dental bridge. Treatment can be completed in as little as two appointments or up to 18 months for extensive cases. To begin, Dr. Sitnik will review your medical history to make sure you're a surgical candidate. Once he administers anesthesia, the implants are placed into the jawbone. Temporary crowns must be worn until the dental implants heal (about two months), and at your final visit, permanent crowns are applied.

If you have missing teeth, consider dental implants as a permanent resolution. Not everyone is eligible for the procedure, so it's necessary to consult with our dentist before moving forward. If deemed ineligible, you may be a candidate for other tooth replacement options like dentures or dental bridges and we can help determine which is best for you doing the initial visit to our Salem, OR, office. For more information about general, cosmetic, and restorative services provided at Sitnik Dental, visit our website. Please call (503) 363-5962 for appointment scheduling with Dr. Igor Sitnik.

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